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Weekly Card Reading: April 28-May 4, 2014: Fortune is on Your Side!


This is a week to embrace your light and to use it to more fully channel your gifts and dreams. We start the week with the Blossom card. Here we see that when we harness our power we are capable of creating abundant growth. There are energies of renewal around you now. Because of this it is a great time to review the way things are going for you in all areas of your life and to make any necessary changes.  What seeds would you like to plant, and which relationships would you like to nourish? Focus on that which feeds you and weed out the rest. You are in a period of growth and it will be accelerated if you take care to invest in that which is for the highest good of all. This card is about thriving and so it is also about having the discernment to release that which does not allow for your greatest growth. Do so with love, and then get ready for a breakthrough.

Reach Out

Part of stoking your flame and thriving is to know when to ask for help. You are strong and capable but that doesn’t mean that it’s in your best interest to do everything yourself. There are some projects that are best kept to yourself, and there are others that are best achieved through teamwork. The Reach Out card reminds you that taking on too much can lead to burn-out, and from a place of depletion it is easy to slide into a survive-rather-than-thrive mentality. Address what needs to be done, reach out, and tune into the support that is around you. Trust that the right people will appear for the right job, and believe that creating the space for this can open doors in the imagination and to opportunity. Moreover, there is an alchemy that occurs when two or more minds and hearts come together. Allow for this magic to infuse your work. With careful planning and well thought out ideas, it’s possible to climb more quickly.


We end the week with the Flow card. Again, positive energies are all around you. This card equates to the Wheel card in the traditional tarot, and as such it bodes the arrival of good fortune and serendipity. Let yourself flow with these energies, and connect with what it is you would like to focus on manifesting. Do you want more love in your life? Or are you focused on your career? Perhaps you’d like to let go of old anger and focus on peace. Whatever it is that you want to bring into your life, it is the perfect time to start (or continue) the process. These energies are powerful, so be sure to keep your thoughts clean. When you begin to slide into limiting thoughts and beliefs, remember that the Fates are on your side right now – you will reap what you sow so allow for your harvest to come from your heart.

This week’s reading is from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland.