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Weekly Card Reading: April 7-13, 2014 – Charge On!

Five of Air

We enter the week with a little internal strife. The Five of Air card shows us that things aren’t looking just like you want them to and it’s time to evaluate the situation and make some changes. Remember that your power resides in how you handle the situation moving forward. Take some time to review what has happened and what is going on so that you can make a healthy and empowered choice with respect to it. Note what you have learned, as this is the silver lining for your path moving forward. Nothing occurs in vain if you don’t allow it to. It’s a time to review everyone’s motives in the situation as well, including your own. Be sure that you are acting within your integrity so that you can clear away any anxiety, concern, or fear that may be motivating your actions. The more that you act from a place of genuine desire and love, the greater your experience will be and the more fulfilling the rewards.

Knight of Air

Now that you have made the necessary adjustments to your situation, you can begin to clear away the debris. Rest assured that once dealt with, things will begin to move ahead quickly. The Knight of Air is decisive, quick, and confident. Your plans can now be implemented so make sure that you have carefully reviewed how you would like them to look and play out. Now is also a time to put your ego aside and ask yourself if you would be best served by seeking out the advice of a professional or someone that can guide you with the proper knowledge and confidence that is needed. It’s a sign of strength to ask for help when needed, and it will enable your plans to unfold seamlessly. This card denotes that your “knight in shining armor” may be entering the scene. For you this week, however, this is not the man rescuing the damsel in distress – this is a powerful ally that can help to support and empower you with respect to your career and projects.

Four of Fire

Success can come quickly if we allow it to happen! We assessed the situation, sought help, and now the Four of Fire shows us that by the end of the week, we are well on our way to the successful completion of our project. For some of us, we will see the fruits of our labor as early as the end of the week (remember that knight energy has things really moving along). For others, it may take a little longer, but rest assured that it is still in fact manifesting. This card shows us that we can and are experiencing a lovely sense of abundance. We feel at peace as our project is coming to life in a way that is in complete alignment with our path and our purpose. We feel contented with ourselves, which brings about a sense of happiness within our lives and our homes. The dragon in the center of this card and the ball of solar energy lets us know that we are fully in our power right now due to the fact that we have been courageous and true to ourselves. We are also protected, snug within the four staffs of fire and light. Four is the number that the angels use to let you know that they are with and around you, and it is apparent here that they are guarding you (as synchronicity would have it, I looked down just after I typed “four” and saw that I was at 544 words). Enjoy this time and allow yourself to feel nurtured and comfy over the weekend before you head off on your next charge!

For this reading, I used The Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.