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Weekly Card Reading: December 1-7, 2014 – Express Your Inner God(dess)!

I am in the process of migrating to a new site so I will link this to it. I will do this over the next few weeks, and I would love it if you would join me over there. Thank you so much for always taking the time to share in these readings with me!


This week is all about caring for ourselves inside out. Aphrodite shows us that we are at our best when we allow our inner goddess to shine brightly. This is a time to explore our beauty and to call it forth to be expressed outwardly in the world. Let your masculine energy be tempered and balanced right now through the expression of all that is feminine. Dance, sing, wear clothes that feel beautiful and sensual on your body. This goddess shows us that unabashed sexual expression is healthy when it is fully claimed and honored by us. Read more at


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Weekly Card Reading: June 23-29, 2014 – Unleash Your Power


Diana shows up with the message to begin your week with unwavering focus and a strong sense of groundedness. When you are adequately centered and grounded, it matters not that your branches may waiver; you will continue to grow and expand with steadfastness and upward direction. Take stock of situations, noticing where your foundation is weak and what needs attention in your life, decide what to do about it, and then stick to it with a firm resolution. By focusing on the target, you are able to travel your path with clarity and tenacity. Use the masculine energies of the hunter along with the feminine energies of nature and the wild for best results. Remember that success typically is bred of balance and focus; when we combine these attributes, our aim is never beyond reach.


Mid-week is a powerhouse for you. Isis is an extremely mighty deity, and like Diana, she exhibits a balancing of both masculine and feminine energies. She goes about her activities as Divine mother with strength and a business-like attitude, and she is capable of all sorts of magic and alchemy. You too are focused and tough and it’s time to utilize your tenaciousness for your highest good. No more waiting. Life shows up for you again and again but you have to be willing to respond and move forward. Take a look at where you feel stuck. What is behind that feeling? Isis brings a message to you that the roots of your problem(s) may stem from early or past life conditions. If you feel something to be karmic, in that you are having difficulty freeing yourself from the pattern, you may need a healing session or a regression to get to the bottom of it. Maintain the focus you integrated at the beginning of the week to help you clarify your understanding of the matter so that it may be released.


Now that you have spent the first part of the week gaining clarity and focus and looking at blocks that may be holding you back, it’s time to channel your creative spark so that you may bring your idea to life. Sarasvati is the goddess of the arts, and she reminds you that the process of creation itself is divine in nature. Spirit expresses itself through you every time you create something new, and by being in a space of Divine-in-action you are able to bring your brilliant ideas to fruition. This card is also a reminder to enjoy the arts over the weekend. This may present itself as a concert, a trip to a museum, or in a personal creative endeavor. The point is to have fun and let your hair down – you’ve earned it!

This week’s reading is from The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

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Weekly Card Reading: April 21-27, 2014 – Finding Your Flow


This week, just breathe and allow. We start the week with a message from Oonagh, a Celtic goddess that can help us ease through transitions (thank, Goddess!). The full moon/lunar eclipse brought a lot of repressed emotions, patterns, and beliefs to light for most of us and we’ve been processing it out. With this in mind, Oonagh reminds us to take it easy! Everything is happening exactly as it’s supposed to and in the proper time frame as well. Pushing and stressing over your situation will only have the adverse effect of moving it farther away from you. In addition, taking time to nurture yourself and others can harmonize your situation/life and help you to ease your visions into focus. This is a week to let your hair down and trust that the Divine is right alongside you helping you along. When things start to feel overwhelming, use the peace and serenity of Dove to remind you to slow down, pause, and breathe!


The cards this week flow really well together. Sedna, the eskimo and Inuit goddess of the sea, comes through mid-week to show us that the Divine is infinite and that we are connected to this limitless potential. Again, remember to put worry aside. When it starts to rise, allow it to wash through and out of you. Reconnect with your center. The message here as well is one of not overdoing things. There must be give and take in every situation. If you only give, you will become depleted and resentful and this will lead to a feeling of lack, whereas if you only receive you will not be able to experience the joy of what you have. Give with courage and receive with gratitude and you will naturally fall into a vibration of abundance and joy.


We finish the week with Yemanya, the African and Brazilian goddess that created the sea. We have two ocean goddesses this week! This emphasizes that this is a week of not only abundance, but creativity, intuition, and emotions. As with everything, focus on balance. Being engaged in the creative process allows you to express your divinity, as it is God in action. The truth is that we are always creating, even when we are choosing to not. Use intention and presence to create a story that empowers and upholds you, and use your intuition to check in with your higher self. What story would you like to tell? What aspects of your current tale would you like to change?

As we create with purpose, we propel our desires into motion by sending a strong message to Spirit. The Divine responds by opening doors for us. Remember though that we were shown that we need to relax into this – no pushing! Create your story, set the idea in motion, and allow Spirit to show you the path. Once the doors open, walk through them! No sabotaging yourself here; you have earned this and it is time to go the whole mile. The whale in Sedna’s card is a message that you are on your soul path so be sure to honor the opportunities that allow you to navigate it, and the Dolphin in Yemaya’s guides you to stay in a place of joy and play. Have fun with this process!

This week’s reading is from Goddess Guidance oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.