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Weekly Card Reading: October 13-19, 2014 – Illuminate the Heart, Banish Fears, Create with Love

25 - The Faery Godmother

I can’t think of a better energy to start the week with than The Faery Godmother! She comes to us with blessings of abundance, grace and love. As you step into your week, remember to take note of the good that surrounds you and all that comes to you. This gentle presence donned with the crown of stars, flowers and branches brings illumination and resources to you to help light your way. She is the lady of last minute rescues, but you don’t have to wait until you are in hot water to call on her for help! She offers her love and assistance freely and guides you to the most graceful of outcomes.  This week pay special attention to the inflow of love that comes to you in all forms, be it a special gift, the shoulder of a friend in a time of need or the arrival of someone new and special in your life. Love abounds when we keep our eyes open for it – just remember that it flows best when it is given and received. Keep your channels open and when you receive a smile of encouragement from an unexpected source, pass it along to someone else. Open your heart and the Universe will flood it with blessings.

61- G. Hobyah

The Faery Godmother ushers in our week in part because we may need to call upon her as we move forward and face our fears. Most of our fears are not real – they are founded in old patterns and limiting beliefs that we developed as children, and while they may have served us when we were younger, they have now far outstayed their welcome. G. Hobyah warns us that this week we need to be willing to look at these as they arise, as that is truly the only way to move through them. When we can see the truth, we are empowered to create lasting change. Allow the support of The Faery Godmother to shine her light on these so-called goblins in the closet so that we may see them for what they really are and then act accordingly. In some instances, fears are real, and so it is important for us as well to be prepared to take necessary action when this is the case. An important lesson of this card is to learn to discern between the real and imaginary concerns so that we may continue to grow and expand while also caring for ourselves.

22 - The Master Maker

In part, fears are popping up because we have been moving forward with big dreams and ideas. When we get to a point in which we are truly facing in the direction of our life path, our egos like to jump in and give us all sorts of reasons for why we can’t do something. The truth of the matter, though, is that we can. Last week we were given a message to study or apprentice in a field of interest, and that message continues with The Master Maker card. His message is to “Do whatever you do as well as you can.” This is a time to work on mastering your craft and for using your ingenuity and resilience to continue moving forward. We have the strength and tenacity to accomplish our dreams if we can put the naysaying voices of the ego to rest. Joy is one of the keys here – remember to bring your love for the subject to your work and to raise your standards enough to challenge you and spark new insight and innovation. Be careful not to overwhelm yourself, though: our little Master Maker shows us in his tree pose that balance is one of the keys to success.

This week’s reading is from The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud.



Weekly Card Reading: September 29-October 5, 2014 – Fine Tuning for Positive Manifestation

Take the Lead

Opportunities for success are all around you right now, and it’s a great moment to make some plans and use some initiative. Take the Lead asks you to connect to your passion and the Divine flame so that you can ignite your path and achieve your dreams. This card works for both situations and relationships and begs the questions: Where do you need to shine your light the most? What requires illumination so that you may move forward powerfully and purposefully? As you navigate this process, new possibilities of connection and manifestation will begin to unfold.  Trust in Spirit to light the way, but also have faith in yourself to take the necessary action steps. This is also a call to tap into your creativity so that you may explore new options. Step out of the familiar and push your personal limits. Acts of courage aligned with faith are powerful motivators for abundance and happiness.


As you go through this process, there may be times when you feel the need to Detach. Unbiased reflection, clarity, and fairness are key words here. In this reading, this card is not one of sadness or separation, but rather one of peace, neutrality, and transformation. This woman is moving from a world that has been in wintery slumber into the realm of Spirit and light. Her focus is inward, but her gaze is steady and her faith is complete. She releases the dove, a symbol of hope, purity, and a higher love. When we can let go of our expectations of what the outcome “should” look like, we are able to create space for something even better to happen. Remember that the Divine can see around all of the corners, while we can only see down the street. Open up your hands in faith, detach, take appropriate action steps, and watch the magic that you’ve set in motion unfold.

Dedicated Effort

While there is need for an element of letting go and allowing in the manifestation of our desires, we must also take appropriate action. Dedicated Effort shows us that masterpieces are the result of continued focus and commitment to that which makes our heart skip a beat. This is true in relationships, projects, and life in general. Maintaining a high level of commitment to our goals puts us in harmony with our highest good in a positive and powerful way. When we are in this alignment – integrity with ourselves – quite simply, good things happen. Spirit provides us with the sign posts and markers that light the way, and while sometimes they seem to come in a fiery ball of light, more often than not they arrive through mediums such as the words of someone we hear speaking, in the lyrics of a song, or in nature. Spirit is always seeking opportunities to communicate with us. When we create the space to attune to it, we receive the information that we need for the next step. Once this occurs, our actions take on focused purpose and our passions are able to flourish.

This week’s reading is from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland.


Weekly Card Reading: September 15-21, 2014 – Honor Yourself


This week is all about honoring ourselves and our inner connection. This will manifest as a deeper connection to others, though this will come about as a result of a deeper Commitment to ourselves. In a general sense, all partnerships look good this week. Have you been thinking of moving forward in some area of your life? The Commitment card certainly covers romantic relationships and many of us will be taking the next step in this respect, but it can also refer to a business partnership or any other enterprise in which we value the help of another. Remember though that all healthy commitments start with a deep honoring of ourselves and our higher selves. Whether single or interacting with another, we can more fully hold the other in regard when we stand on a strong inner foundation. Take some time for personal inventory: What do you truly desire? What are your needs? How can you express these to another and also establish healthy boundaries in both directions? Honor your commitment to yourself by taking some time for self-love and self-care. Finding this inner alignment allows both parties to flourish and this is when true magic can manifest.

Field of Dreams

This process of inner exploration takes us to the next step: What seeds are you and your partner (or you in your personal commitment to self) planting? The Field of Dreams card is a reminder that we always have the opportunity to tap into the field of pure potentiality. Those dreams you have? Symbolically plant them. It’s time. Your thoughts and beliefs always manifest so make sure you are putting your mind where you want it to be. Is it in the gutter or is it in the cosmos? Don’t be afraid to dream big. You have committed to yourself and you deserve to have the stars! Spirit will manifest any little desire that you dream up, so be cautious to keep your thoughts clean around it. Any time that you feel yourself slip into fear or anxiety, acknowledge it, process it, and then find a better thought to replace it. Put a smile on your face and find a way to put some love out into the world. This is not about denying your problems; it is about doing the work to get through the fears and then finding better and better thoughts until those that you think yield the results you truly desire instead of the default thoughts that have already outstayed their welcome.


Home is where the heart is, and Spirit’s greatest desire for you is that you be most comfortable in your home, which is in your body! When this card shows up, it is a nudge from the Divine to go within in a different way. We get a lot of messages with respect to checking in with our intuition, but this week, our guidance is really focused on connecting in with our bodies. Committing to ourselves is a promise to our vessel and all that is contained within it, and honoring it as our home shows a profound amount of love and respect for Spirit’s creation. Safety and security are within you. When you feel solid, grounded, and embodied, you are able to not only withstand life’s ups and downs, but you are also equipped with the necessary steadfastness to take action and follow through. Seeing your dreams through, from inception to creation, is an act of self-love, as well as an honoring of your body, your presence, your very magnificence on this earth plane. The clock in this picture is really standing out to me. The message: It’s time.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.


Weekly Card Reading: September 1-7, 2014 – Spiritual Fortitude Creates Positive Change

Deception & Envy

We begin this week with a forewarning to exercise caution and care as we move forward. The Deception & Envy card carries a few meanings that may pertain to you, but the root issue is the same: it’s time to take off the mask that has been clouding your vision around an issue and look it squarely in the face. Things are definitely not as they seem, whether it’s because someone else is deceiving you or because a situation has turned bad, and somewhere inside of you, you know this to be true. Oftentimes, we allow our desires and our sense of goodwill to cloud our perception of a person or situation. This card is pushing you to get real with respect to it. Trust your inner knowing, remove the blinders, and revise your action plan. In order to get your desired outcome, it is necessary to be open, honest, and bold with respect to yourself and others.

Spiritual Strength

Trust that you are more than ready to move forward! The Spiritual Strength card comes through to show you that you have earned and garnered the tools and the fortitude necessary to move forward powerfully along your path. Know that as you let go of one thing, you make room for another. If you manage to do that with consciousness and love, then what you create space for will show up in beautiful and moving ways.  You have been through a lot on this journey, and through it all you have created stability, strength, wisdom, and fortitude. Keep up the good work, and know that although you may not have been expecting this change in plans or to release something important from your life, you have all you need to not just get through this time, but to thrive.

Triumphant Success

And indeed, victory can be yours! Triumphant Success is the reassurance card that if you take the necessary steps to look at what is really going on and adjust accordingly, situations that have been feelings stuck or not healthy will begin to move forward quickly and successfully. This card bodes well for new beginnings and dramatic changes in how your life looks if you are willing to cut through the barriers that hold you back. Remember that it is a double-edged sword, though, so in all of your actions, regardless of what they are, be judicious, compassionate, and clear. Regardless of the whats or whys of a situation, it is good practice to live and act with the honor and spirit of a true knight.

This week’s reading is from The Psychic Tarot by John Holland.


Weekly Card Reading: August 4-10, 2010 – Stay Present, Empowered, and Patient!

Memories of Love

The past will play a vital role for you in the week ahead.  The Memories of Love card shows us that we may be experiencing a sense of nostalgia as we head into the new week, and what we do with that us is up to us. What do these memories mean to us? Do they bring up memories and images of love and sweetness, or do we find that we may be feeling a sense of anger or loss? It is time to balance our emotions, and to examine what we need to do to be able to be in the present more empowered by the effects of the past than burdened by them. Remembrance can provide us with powerful insight into our current motivations: Do you choose to suffer or do you opt for gratitude and love? Find the light in the situation, and choose to keep that ignited while letting go of the aspects that no longer serve you.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is our energetic center responsible for our sense of power and will, and how we express those characteristics out in the physical world. How are you showing up for your life? Are you feeling confident and empowered? Or are you struggling to move forward? If you find yourself doubting your achievements and abilities, take some time to engage in activities that can help to strengthen this center. You may want to try a martial arts class or yoga, and a breathing meditation can help you to drop into the solar plexus so that you may feel more connected to your body and emotions. A weakened solar plexus can leave you feeling drained and lacking in vitality and you may have trouble trusting your gut feelings. When this area is compromised, it is difficult to feel success and move forward with your dreams.

The Waiting Game

It is important that we feel strength in our core center and that we not get bogged down with the past so that we can stay focused on the positive right now. We have been planting a lot of seeds and we may think that it is time to start harvesting them. In many ways, we are ready! Only sometimes our timing isn’t necessarily divine timing. We may find that we feel as though all the hard work we’ve been putting in is not paying off. This is a time to trust! The Waiting Game illustrates that we may feel like we are pacing in circles, and we may be tempted to slide into a space of fear (especially if our energy system is weak), but fear will only pull us into a lower vibration that will cause us to begin manifesting what we don’t want. Stay focused, grounded, and in faith. The seeds are close to sprouting and we have to trust that the Divine sees the big picture.

This week’s reading is from The Psychic Tarot by John Holland.

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Weekly Card Reading: July 28-August 3, 2014 – Open to Receive

Wide Open

Last week we did a lot of cleansing and purifying of both our emotions and physical spaces so that we could gain focus and clarity and allow for new experiences and opportunities to come to us. So I especially love it that this week’s reading starts with Wide Open. We are in a state of expansion and we welcome this growth and all that it brings us. As we spread our arms to receive with gratitude, Spirit responds by sharing even more with us. This card is infused with joy and sweet acceptance that receiving is our birthright and that by connecting into that energy, we show up for life in a way that is in full alignment with our divine path and purpose. The butterfly in the upper left-hand corner signifies that this is a transformative process and we have emerged from a cocoon. Remember to remain in conscious contact with Spirit and to maintain a state of grace as much as possible to stay open to life’s blessings.

Balancing Act

A lot is changing for us and a lot is opening up. We may feel overwhelmed at some moments and that we don’t have sure-footing. Life can be a Balancing Act at times and it is important that we maintain focus and grounding as we go through busy periods. In our state of openness, we allow for so very much to enter. Stay connected to your inner state so that you are able to recognize the subtleties of what is happening within you as a result of external circumstances. By staying connected to your core and focusing on grounding, you will be able to recognize any imbalance before it becomes a stumble or a fall. Life may feel like a balancing act, but you are capable of being a tight rope walker as long as you remain present to your self and all that is going on for you.

Magic Prayer

Magic Prayer reminds us again to remain in conscious contact with our higher power. We are really in such a great space for manifestation and the creation of our greatest desires right now. The first half of 2014 was all about cleansing and clearing, and now we are entering a period of action and growth in the physical realm. As you take your sure-footed action, remember to check in with the Divine. Continue to ask for what you want, trusting that it is your divine right to receive it. Spirit always listens to your prayers, and as long as you are able to receive guidance and act in full faith on it, they will be answered. Trust and the beauty of this journey unfolds.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.

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Weekly Card Reading: July 14-20, 2014 – New Opportunities Bring Abundance

Page of Fire

Wow! We start the week with the Page of Fire, which heralds an exciting new opportunity, and you are being guided to accept it wholeheartedly. This endeavor may be challenging, but it will be in a very positive way. There is a high likelihood that it is creative in nature, but regardless of whether it is or not, it will stoke a feeling of passion within you. Approach it with an open mind and an open heart, trusting that Spirit has brought it to you in answer to your prayers. This is a chance for you to really show people what you’ve got so don’t hold back! Use your enthusiasm, curiosity, creativity, and sense of mischievousness to bring a fresh and fun approach to this project or job.

Ace of Earth

It is highly likely that this opportunity will bring an inflow of abundance to you, as shown to us by the Ace of Earth. Stand confidently in your power to accept and draw in this flow, trusting that you are worthy of it. Feeling strongly in your power and open to infinite possibility allows abundance to find you easily – it is as if you become a beacon for it. Coming right after the Page of Fire, it is likely associated with the new project or opportunity that comes to you, but it may be due to another factor as well, or it could also be an additional venture that creates even more prosperity for you. Don’t be surprised if you are offered a raise or promotion or if someone approaches you with an investment opportunity. Money may arrive from an unexpected source as well. If you are starting your own business, this card comes to let you know that it will most likely succeed. You can trust that your foundation is strong and that it will create a prosperous outcome.


The Justice card shows up to remind us to remain fair, just, and balanced. It is likely that you are trying to make a decision, and so the angels want to remind you to be judicious in your thinking. It is important to be sure that the decision upholds the highest good of all involved. If you take the time to go within and to listen to your inner voice, you will know what decision to make. Archangel Raguel creates harmony in relationships, so call on him if you find it difficult to arrive at a solution that does so. If you still do not feel able to make a fair and objective decision, you may need to seek out someone that can work as an arbiter for you. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, but know that you must also take responsibility for you actions. If you owe someone an apology, this card comes as a gentle nudge to take care of your side of the street.

This week’s reading is from the Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.