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Weekly Reading: January 12-18, 2015 – Finding the Treasure Within

Protecting Treasure

Protecting Treasure popped out of the deck right as I began to shuffle with an important message to carry us through the week. Spirit wants to remind us that we are always protected and cared for and that even though we may feel unstable or scared as we move forward, we are in fact safe and loved. Trust that what we have worked hard to build remains safely tucked away and that this is a great time to strengthen bonds with those we love. The rain may fall but we are always sheltered, and if we allow ourselves to be open to it, the rainbow can brighten our day. We are never really alone.

Enjoy the rest of the reading at I hope you’ll join me over there!


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Weekly Reading: November 24-30, 2014 – Springing to Life

Coming to Life

We have a beautiful week ahead as we bring our dreams out of the incubation stage and into life. We begin with Coming to Life. This card shows up to reveal that we’ve done some work over the recent months, shed some old skin, and we are now able to bring the fruits of that growth out into the world. We hold the light of our labors up high and allow it to shine as we delicately dance with it. The butterfly shows the metamorphosis that has taken place as we emerge from our own personal cocoon. I feel like the shining light serves to guide us as well. If we allow it to show the way, and have full faith in the power of Spirit to lead us, our transformation becomes more powerful and more able to unfold. Have confidence in the signs that you get and the wisdom that you receive. It’s not necessary to look for solutions and answers right now; it is a time for us to turn within and trust the signals that we sense within us.

Gentle Gardener

This theme is continued in the Gentle Gardener card. The Wise Women cares for and watches over her children as they come to life, yet she is in a state of full trust. Her eyes are closed and the love and faith that she feels radiates out from within her. We are truly coming to life and it is echoed in this second card. In both of the first two cards we are emerging and both are a calling to trust in Spirit. We have already planted the seeds for our future; we have created visions of our goals and dreams and planted them in the field of possibility, and now it is time for us to trust that our dreams, our selves, our essences know how to do the rest. This card is truly a calling for us to be conscious co-creators, working with Spirit to manifest our desires and to grown into a more expansive version of ourselves. The possibilities are limitless if we truly believe in the infinite potential of Spirit. In this card, we are getting our wings, and although we may not be flying yet, we are about to!

Peaks of Joy

This week we can truly experience Peaks of Joy. We are undergoing great growth and we feel more connected to the Divine than ever. We have done tremendous healing and have faced many fears head on. We have turned within and trusted. Now, if we give ourselves permission to, we can take some time to fully savor that. Allow yourself to feel the exhilaration of what has unfolded, and give yourself permission to express joy in whatever way feels best for you. We’ve been serious and focused lately, and it’s had its place in our development, but one of the best ways to witness the unfolding of our visions is through the childlike and joyous expression of our most inner self. Be open, be free, laugh, love, lead with your heart and you will be able to fly higher and further than ever before.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.


Weekly Reading: October 20-26, 2014 – Reflection Leads to Self-Discovery & Transformation


It’s time to get serious. True Commitment requires that we come into full alignment with our thoughts, our desires and our soul visions; it demands that we recognize that we matter and that we have the right to express our true selves in the world. Commitment may come for you this week in the form of partnership in that you may meet someone special or begin a new working relationship, but regardless of how it manifests on the outside (or whether it even does), commitment begins within. Do you truly feel, down to your bones, that you are worthy of living out your dreams? Do you feel that you deserve the visions you’ve put up on your board? Take time this week to get very clear on yourself – take a personal inventory of your underlying limiting beliefs and fears so that you can address them. Until we get clear on our own worth and until we commit to ourselves, it is difficult for us to share our path with others. One of my favorite quotes from author Meggan Watterson is this: “We are here to marry our own souls.” This resonates strongly with me for this week’s reading. As we commit to ourselves, we are able to powerfully move towards accomplishing anything we desire to express in the world.


The Moonlight card supports us on this journey of self-discovery. Allow yourself to go within and to reflect on your essence. Feel into your heart space and trust the inner wisdom that arrives. As we discover the soft voice of our soul, we are able to tap into our connection to the Divine and our inter-relatedness to it. Spirit speaks to us always, and when we remove ourselves from the loud and busy world and into a space of quiet reflection we are more able to tune into the subtleties of the intuitive mind, to hear its whisper and to share moments of quiet peace with universal consciousness. Take any question you may have into this space with you and then allow for the answer to rise. It may come immediately or it may come to you over the course of several days. Recognize that Spirit speaks to us in many ways and remain open to all possibility.

Magical Map Shifter

As you open to limitless potential, pay special attention to the people that cross your path. The Magical Map Shifter card is the Divine’s way of letting you know that important people are crossing your path this week. Open to the possibility of connection with them. Again, this could be a soul mate connection or partnership, but it also may come through a seemingly random meeting with someone that tells you exactly what you need to hear in the moment.  The people that come your way right now are potential agents of transformation for you as you become a more highly tuned version of yourself.

Wide Open

The Wide Open card popped out for this reading, and it fits perfectly with the overall message of openness and trust in the Divine and infinite potential for the week. The meaning is infused throughout the significance of each card, and it serves as a foundation for your entire week (and life if you choose). Be open. Trust. Spread your arms and allow yourself to receive the abundance and love that the Universe has to offer you. Spirit supports and provides for you in the exact way that you ask for it. So be aware of what you request and how you ask for it, open yourself to a state of expanded reception and enjoy the gifts that are bestowed upon you.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.


Weekly Card Reading: September 15-21, 2014 – Honor Yourself


This week is all about honoring ourselves and our inner connection. This will manifest as a deeper connection to others, though this will come about as a result of a deeper Commitment to ourselves. In a general sense, all partnerships look good this week. Have you been thinking of moving forward in some area of your life? The Commitment card certainly covers romantic relationships and many of us will be taking the next step in this respect, but it can also refer to a business partnership or any other enterprise in which we value the help of another. Remember though that all healthy commitments start with a deep honoring of ourselves and our higher selves. Whether single or interacting with another, we can more fully hold the other in regard when we stand on a strong inner foundation. Take some time for personal inventory: What do you truly desire? What are your needs? How can you express these to another and also establish healthy boundaries in both directions? Honor your commitment to yourself by taking some time for self-love and self-care. Finding this inner alignment allows both parties to flourish and this is when true magic can manifest.

Field of Dreams

This process of inner exploration takes us to the next step: What seeds are you and your partner (or you in your personal commitment to self) planting? The Field of Dreams card is a reminder that we always have the opportunity to tap into the field of pure potentiality. Those dreams you have? Symbolically plant them. It’s time. Your thoughts and beliefs always manifest so make sure you are putting your mind where you want it to be. Is it in the gutter or is it in the cosmos? Don’t be afraid to dream big. You have committed to yourself and you deserve to have the stars! Spirit will manifest any little desire that you dream up, so be cautious to keep your thoughts clean around it. Any time that you feel yourself slip into fear or anxiety, acknowledge it, process it, and then find a better thought to replace it. Put a smile on your face and find a way to put some love out into the world. This is not about denying your problems; it is about doing the work to get through the fears and then finding better and better thoughts until those that you think yield the results you truly desire instead of the default thoughts that have already outstayed their welcome.


Home is where the heart is, and Spirit’s greatest desire for you is that you be most comfortable in your home, which is in your body! When this card shows up, it is a nudge from the Divine to go within in a different way. We get a lot of messages with respect to checking in with our intuition, but this week, our guidance is really focused on connecting in with our bodies. Committing to ourselves is a promise to our vessel and all that is contained within it, and honoring it as our home shows a profound amount of love and respect for Spirit’s creation. Safety and security are within you. When you feel solid, grounded, and embodied, you are able to not only withstand life’s ups and downs, but you are also equipped with the necessary steadfastness to take action and follow through. Seeing your dreams through, from inception to creation, is an act of self-love, as well as an honoring of your body, your presence, your very magnificence on this earth plane. The clock in this picture is really standing out to me. The message: It’s time.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.

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Weekly Card Reading: July 28-August 3, 2014 – Open to Receive

Wide Open

Last week we did a lot of cleansing and purifying of both our emotions and physical spaces so that we could gain focus and clarity and allow for new experiences and opportunities to come to us. So I especially love it that this week’s reading starts with Wide Open. We are in a state of expansion and we welcome this growth and all that it brings us. As we spread our arms to receive with gratitude, Spirit responds by sharing even more with us. This card is infused with joy and sweet acceptance that receiving is our birthright and that by connecting into that energy, we show up for life in a way that is in full alignment with our divine path and purpose. The butterfly in the upper left-hand corner signifies that this is a transformative process and we have emerged from a cocoon. Remember to remain in conscious contact with Spirit and to maintain a state of grace as much as possible to stay open to life’s blessings.

Balancing Act

A lot is changing for us and a lot is opening up. We may feel overwhelmed at some moments and that we don’t have sure-footing. Life can be a Balancing Act at times and it is important that we maintain focus and grounding as we go through busy periods. In our state of openness, we allow for so very much to enter. Stay connected to your inner state so that you are able to recognize the subtleties of what is happening within you as a result of external circumstances. By staying connected to your core and focusing on grounding, you will be able to recognize any imbalance before it becomes a stumble or a fall. Life may feel like a balancing act, but you are capable of being a tight rope walker as long as you remain present to your self and all that is going on for you.

Magic Prayer

Magic Prayer reminds us again to remain in conscious contact with our higher power. We are really in such a great space for manifestation and the creation of our greatest desires right now. The first half of 2014 was all about cleansing and clearing, and now we are entering a period of action and growth in the physical realm. As you take your sure-footed action, remember to check in with the Divine. Continue to ask for what you want, trusting that it is your divine right to receive it. Spirit always listens to your prayers, and as long as you are able to receive guidance and act in full faith on it, they will be answered. Trust and the beauty of this journey unfolds.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.

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Weekly Card Reading: July 7-13, 2014 – Empowered Choice

Making a ChoiceThere is an overlapping of the cards this week in addition to the usual linear approach to their meanings, as the energies of them all support one another. The first card that we have is Making a Choice. We have two paths unfolding in front of us and it is time to make a decision. For some of you this choice feels to be with respect to life path and for others it seems to be related to committing to something outside of your career sector. Remember that every choice that we make defines us, so be willing to commit with a firm “I do!” to whichever option you take. Lack of choice fits into this paradigm as well, so review what is holding you back from taking the necessary steps to move forward. Are you afraid to make the “wrong” choice? Do you worry that you won’t be supported on the path that you take? Notice that there is light at the end of both of the tunnels here. As long as you take action that is in alignment with your higher self, there is no wrong answer. Know that the answer to the query lays within. Check in with your body – how does the choice feel to you? Connect with Spirit through prayer and meditation and then trust that the answer will be revealed.

Coming ApartA part of this choice making process will be looking at that which is holding us back – those people and situations that we are still clinging to despite the fact that they no longer serve us. It is time to break through ego so that we can begin to transform the quality of all of our relationships. The Coming Apart card shows us that the crumbling of the masks of fear allows for a rebirth of sorts, and while sorrow and grief may need to be expressed as we shed our old skins, ultimately our choice to opt for happiness and joy over drama and baggage sends a powerful message to the Divine that we know who we are and what we desire. Again, hanging onto things out of fear is a choice that sends a message as well. What is it that you really want to communicate to yourself and the Universe with respect to who you really are?

Magic PrayerHow beautiful is it that the Magic Prayer card showed up for us? This is Spirit’s nod to us that our prayers will be answered. We have to make some tough decisions this week, but we are absolutely supported in this journey if we choose to be. Send your prayers to God, meditate and listen for the response, and surrender with trust that all will be taken care of. The action that is needed will be revealed to you, so be aware of the signs around you and be open to receiving confirmation; all you need to do is be open to receiving and to taking any necessary action that is revealed. Remaining in conscious contact with your higher power will allow you to stay focused on the path that feels best to you. And remember, your higher self experiences itself as a direct expression of the Divine, and it will give you feedback through its physical manifestation, which is your body. Check in. Feel. Trust.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid.

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Weekly Card Reading: May 19-25 – Ignite Your Divine Spark!

Sacred Pool

Connecting with Spirit and our true divine nature allows us to maintain alignment with our higher purpose and to channel inspiration into creative and expansive endeavors. We begin the week with the Sacred Pool card. This card reminds us that we are a reflection of the Divine itself. What do we see when we look in the mirror? Take time this week to notice what it is that you are allowing to manifest and grow with respect to yourself. Are you feeling insecure? Do you doubt your abilities and strengths? Notice honestly exactly where you are so that you can begin to release any emotions that are holding you back from fully realizing the Divine spark that you are. Take some time to focus on all that you have done and how far you have come. You are a unique soul signature that is here with a special assignment and that is to be the best version of yourself, whatever that may be. Focus on the unique you-ness of you and celebrate it. The world needs you and your gifts, so share away!


As you go through this process you may experience moments of feeling lost or wayward. At these times, it is important to realign yourself with Spirit. Compass shows us that as long as we stay pointed towards our true North, which is our higher power, we cannot be truly lost. Sometimes our path is to wander a bit. Trying different things and learning varying skills and trades can ultimately be empowering. It can allow us to reach a richer understanding of ourselves. No matter what our path, Spirit never deserts us and she is accessible to you even in the darkest of moments. All that is required of you is to stop, be still, listen, and open your heart: You will be led exactly where you want to go.


When we move through this process of connecting with the Divine, when we examine our relationship to him and allow ourselves to surrender to her will, (which is the will of our highest self), we experience deep communion with the One. When this happens, we become true channels for Divine inspiration and wisdom. Allow this Spark to move through you. Open your heart to Spirit and to those around you so that your creative energies can ignite and bring forth your song into this world. Co-creation is your mantra this week. This may light the fire of new projects, new jobs, or new relationships, and regardless of the form that it takes when it shows up, if you are open to the limitless possibilities of creation, you will experience expansion and love.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.