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Weekly Reading: November 24-30, 2014 – Springing to Life

Coming to Life

We have a beautiful week ahead as we bring our dreams out of the incubation stage and into life. We begin with Coming to Life. This card shows up to reveal that we’ve done some work over the recent months, shed some old skin, and we are now able to bring the fruits of that growth out into the world. We hold the light of our labors up high and allow it to shine as we delicately dance with it. The butterfly shows the metamorphosis that has taken place as we emerge from our own personal cocoon. I feel like the shining light serves to guide us as well. If we allow it to show the way, and have full faith in the power of Spirit to lead us, our transformation becomes more powerful and more able to unfold. Have confidence in the signs that you get and the wisdom that you receive. It’s not necessary to look for solutions and answers right now; it is a time for us to turn within and trust the signals that we sense within us.

Gentle Gardener

This theme is continued in the Gentle Gardener card. The Wise Women cares for and watches over her children as they come to life, yet she is in a state of full trust. Her eyes are closed and the love and faith that she feels radiates out from within her. We are truly coming to life and it is echoed in this second card. In both of the first two cards we are emerging and both are a calling to trust in Spirit. We have already planted the seeds for our future; we have created visions of our goals and dreams and planted them in the field of possibility, and now it is time for us to trust that our dreams, our selves, our essences know how to do the rest. This card is truly a calling for us to be conscious co-creators, working with Spirit to manifest our desires and to grown into a more expansive version of ourselves. The possibilities are limitless if we truly believe in the infinite potential of Spirit. In this card, we are getting our wings, and although we may not be flying yet, we are about to!

Peaks of Joy

This week we can truly experience Peaks of Joy. We are undergoing great growth and we feel more connected to the Divine than ever. We have done tremendous healing and have faced many fears head on. We have turned within and trusted. Now, if we give ourselves permission to, we can take some time to fully savor that. Allow yourself to feel the exhilaration of what has unfolded, and give yourself permission to express joy in whatever way feels best for you. We’ve been serious and focused lately, and it’s had its place in our development, but one of the best ways to witness the unfolding of our visions is through the childlike and joyous expression of our most inner self. Be open, be free, laugh, love, lead with your heart and you will be able to fly higher and further than ever before.

This week’s reading is from The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid.


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July 1-7 Card Reading: Release, Retreat, Accept

I felt called to mix decks this week, something that I often do and that I really enjoy as the reading can be extremely specific, as it is this week. The cards that I used for the beginning and the end of the week are from John Holland’s Psychic Tarot, the middle of the week is from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters Deck (this deck mixes well with all of mine), and a summary card from Steven Farmer’s Power Animal deck.


The week starts with the Emotional Loss card. This card has been showing up a lot in my personal readings and my readings for others. This message is about letting go of relationships that are holding us back from experiencing ourselves fully. In this reading, this feels like these are major relationships that we have been unable to fully release due to the heaviness of the emotions involved and because they may not have ended how we wanted them to. Harboring these hurt emotions is holding us back from fostering authentic and loving relationships with ourselves and others in the present. We need to release our guilt and shame associated with them along with all of our “If only I had…” statements.


Recognizing the relationship/s that we need to release in the early week provides us with the catalyst to  manifest change. In this case, the action needed is inaction. Take time to meditate and reflect on your attachments to this relationship. Ask yourself, “What am I holding onto and why?” Know that your inner light is capable of transforming even the darkest of attachments and that awareness will always bring light into the darkness. We see a connection to nature here as well, and that is continued in the third card.


The end of the week brings the Rest & Relaxation card. One of the benefits of using mixed decks is that if there is a strong need for a message to be given, it can be emphasized. We have that here in that we need to continue our reflections. It is not time to move on yet. What we are releasing is really ingrained, and we need to make sure that we connect deeply with our higher selves and our higher power to really see the patterns and attitudes that have shaped our lives as a result of these past relationships. This last card shows the need to commune with nature, and also to surrender to the Divine. The man’s hands are open in surrender and acceptance as he lets go and as he prepares to receive the blessings that are coming to him.


Regardless of the reading that I’m doing, I love pulling a Power Animal card at the end. I find that the message that comes through is often a nice little summary of the cards that have come forth. This reading is no exception. The Coyote card comes to remind us to accept our follies and find the teaching in them. Many of us have things in our past that would be easy to regret, but that only weighs us down. In order to grow and expand, we must learn to look within without judgment, examine what happened, accept it and then move on. Use these situations as learning tools and stepping stones to attract relationships and experiences that are fulfilling and nourishing into your life, and watch the magic unfold!